Koshanin – Music from the Mediterranean and Balkan


I am a Portland-based pianist and composer.  By blending the sounds of the Old World with contemporary Western music, I transform piano into a modern-day folk instrument with unique interpretations of traditional folk songs and original, folk music-inspired compositions.

Although I perform music from all over the Mediterranean, I concentrate on the vibrant sound of Balkan music, including songs from Macedonia, my native Serbia, and beyond.  I further explore these folk melodies and their unique time-signatures — characteristic of the music from Balkan lands — by turning the melodies into delicate musical tales and revisiting them in a non-traditional, minimalist context.

My continuous search for beauty and simplicity in music gives my solo piano explorations a peaceful, reflective mood, as evident in my latest solo piano album “Under the Sacred Tree.”

For more information about Koshanin, please visit his website: koshanin.com

Sunday: 1:30pm-4:30pm, ABC

Monday: 7am-10am, Gate D1
Thursday: 1:30pm-4:30pm, ABC Lobby

Friday: 1pm-4pm, C-West